Byers Wrecker

How Our Incredible Towing Company Got Started

Bill Byers’ father started Byers Wrecker in 1951 out of a gas station. When Bill was a boy, he worked around the gas station. His Dad let him drive his first tow truck around the parking lot. Fast forward, Bill took over the business and saw his first triple fatal accident which led him into a life of towing and service. He became a firefighter and later helped change safety laws as President of the Michigan Towing Association for eight years.

Has your towing company changed throughout the years?

We have expanded to offer heavy duty towing services and off-road recovery.

Since then Byers has grown to 50 tow trucks in 2 counties serving police forces and fire departments throughout the area. We support 23 of 25 local police and fire departments.

What kind of towing company Is Byers Wrecker?

Byers Wrecker has been operating since 1951. It is a family owned business that thrives on service to the community, specializing in heavy duty towing and vehicle recovery. Although the business has expanded, the original wrecker yard at 399 South Street in downtown Rochester remains the headquarters of Byers Wrecker Service. Byers Wrecker supports organizations and nonprofits throughout Southeastern Michigan. You can find us at parades, supporting local sports teams and just trying to help out in any that we can.

Stay Safe While You Wait

The most important thing to remember when your once-trusty vehicle breaks down is to stay safe. Please keep these safety factors in mind.

  • It’s dangerous to stand on the side of the road. Stay in your vehicle or find shelter, if possible.Activate your vehicle’s emergency flashers.
  • Never stand between two parked vehicles.
  • Move your car off the road to safety even if you have a flat.
  • Carry a charged cell phone at all times.


“All our drivers are doing in-house training once a month. We roll cars over, we throw them in swamps. We throw them in ditches. Everything else and just practice. Practice makes perfect.”

Who runs your towing

Bill Byers


Shelby Montgomery


Sharon Byers


Tiffany Nightingale