Crazy Car Towing from Byers

Maybe the car had a running start. Maybe someone dared the driver to make a sudden stop in front of the fire hydrant. Or maybe the Chevy was attracted to the fire hydrant. It is mating season after all.

Who knows what happened to the Chevrolet Equinox that ran atop a fire hydrant in front of a local area school.

Before finding the fire hydrant, the car ran over 25 yards of fence and then continued and to land atop the fire hydrant.

When Justin from Byers Wrecker arrived he wasn’t sure what to do. His tow truck didn’t have the ability to pull the SUV straight up. A wrecker was called in to assist. Together, the two Byers employees extracted the car off the fire hydrant, being careful to not damage the car further.
Thanks to Justin Clark for the pictures and the details


Balancing Car on Fire Hydrant

Car Towing Details in Clarkston, Michigan

A Byers driver arrived at Clarkston Jr. High School in Clarkston, Michigan. The car towing driver assessed the situation and determined he needed assistance. The car towing Driver called in a Wrecker to join him at the site. The Wrecker arrived 20 minutes later. The two drivers positioned their cars alongside the Chevrolet Equinox. The Wrecker used a chain bridal to hook to the control arm. The control arm then hooked to the front wheel suspension of the Chevrolet Equinox. It turns out that the fire hydrant had pierced the SUV’s floorboard. The car towing drivers needed to pull the car straight up or the floorboards would have been damaged further. Is also possible that the applied pressure could have ripped the towing cable and caused serious damage. The tow truck winched it around, as they avoided damaging the car further. The Wrecker pulled up, hoisting the car into the air. They then set the car down. Using a winch for direction, they then set the car down on the flatbed trailer.

Getting-Ready to-Car-Towing-On-Fire-Hydrant-Clarkston-MI

Assessing the Situation of Car on Fire Hydrant


Getting Ready to Extract Car