Vanagon Receives Car Towing in Auburn Hills

We did some car towing in Auburn HIlls with a classic 1987, AWD, 5 speed, Volkswagen Vanagon. We don’t see these old, classic vans very often.  But we love them. What you may not know is that the Vanagon was sold under different names. In Europe it was sold as as the Transporter or Caravelle. In Africa, it was sold as the Microbus. And here in the US and Canada it was sold as the Vanagon 

Our car towing expert, Ryan spent some time with the owner and he found out a few tidbits. First, he found out that the water pump on the Vanagon had seized. What Adam thought was amazing that the body and frame had weathered 450k miles and still looked great.  We loved this baby and we hope you enjoyed hearing about it too.


Vanagon Car Towing in Auburn Hilsl


Details of Car Towing in Auburn Hills

Byers Wrecker received a call for car towing in Auburn Hills.  The car towing team drove from Byers Wrecker headquarters to the Vanagon in Auburn Hills.  The car towing team in Auburn Hills arrived to find the Volkswagen Vanagon. They then assessed the situation.  They felt that since the Vanagon was an older car, it needed to be carefully placed on a flatbed. The car towing team used a gradual incline ramp to allow the Vanagaon to be winched up without damaging the bumpers.  They attached a hook to the vehicle. Carefully, they winched it up. First, the left tires hit the ramp Next, the back tires hit the ramp. To be sure that the car towing in Auburn Hills went well they then fastened the tires to the flatbed. First, they attached the front tires. Next, they attached the rear tires. The car towing in Auburn Hills was proud to have delivered this 1987 Vanagon.



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