Clarkston Towing Company Cleans Up Convenience Store Mess

A runaway pickup truck plowed through a convenience store and required a towing company near our Clarkston location. It was quite a scene. Click on the video of the accident footage.  The video shows the pickup truck plowing through the glass door and glass wall and finally stops on top of some shelves. The driver then scrambles out as he can’t backup his car. He unscrews his license plate and then takes off. 

Check out the video that we have added to our blog page.   It shows the entire accident.

WATCH: Shocking surveillance video outside a Ortonville, #Michigan gas station. A two-door truck plows into the store. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt or killed. The driver falls to the ground as he rips off his license plate and walks out. What a mess! My full report at 10 on TV20 Detroit – WMYD and at 11 on WXYZ-TV Channel 7.

Posted by Rudy Harper Reporter on Friday, October 25, 2019

Cleanup after accident of drive though and before clarkston towing company recovery

Cleanup after accident of drive though and before Clarkston towing company recovery

Damaged front door of convenience store

Damaged front door of convenience store

Details of Clarkston Towing Company

A call came into Byers Wrecker after a truck plowed into a convenance store in Ortonville near Clarkston, MI. The driver had driven through the glass door and glass outside wall of the convenience store smashed down all merchandise shelves on the floor. The truck ended up lodged inside the store with the cold winter air rushing in. The driver scrambled to remember his license plate before he left, as he couldn’t remove this truck. Byers arrived to find a pickup truck inside the convenience store. Our Clarkston towing company team needed to assess the situation.  The Clarkston towing company team determined to remove the pickup truck that they needed to dislodge the pickup truck first. They first removed the merchandise in and around the truck. Potato chips, nuts, gum, beef jerky, popcorn, and shirts and hats were strewn all over the floor of the convenience store. Next, the Clarkston towing company team  attached a winch to the frame of the pickup truck. Carefully, they pulled the pickup truck to extract it from the shelves that held it in place. The pickup truck inched out slowly, First, it came out one foot. Next the Clarkston towing company inched it out two more feet. Finally, the pickup trick started to pick up momentum and began rolling out. Its wheels rolled over the merchandise on the floor that hadn’t been removed. The tires also rolled up and over the frame that had once held the glass. First, the back tires rolled over the aluminum metal frame. Next, the front tires rolled over the aluminum metal frame.   Once the pickup truck exited the convenience store, the Clarkston towing company team detached the winch from the rear of the frame. They then repositioned the tow truck on the front of the pickup truck. Next, they reattached the winch to the front of the frame on the pickup truck.. The Clarkston towing company team then lowered the ramp. They then winched up the pickup truck onto the flatbed. First, the front tires rolled up the flatbed. Next, the rear tires rolled up the flatbed. From there, the clarkston towing company team took towing chains to secure the pickup truck to the flatbed. First, the secured the front tires. Next, they secured the rear tires.