Our Wrecker Service Moves Convertible from Storage Unit

Our wrecker service got a call for a convertible that would need a tow from it’s storage unit.  The owner was getting the car ready for the summer season after the convertible spent all winter in storage. 

We were asked to bring this beautiful convertible to a local Clarkston, MI repair shop. For the tow, all the equipment we needed was flatbed and a single driver.  The convertible was loaded to the trailer in a short amount of time. Once secured, they made their way directly to the repair shop. We want to wish the driver many happy miles on the majestic Michigan road this summer. We are glad we could help get this beauty back on the road.  

Details of Wrecker Service Moving Convertible that Would Need a Tow

A call came into our wrecker service for a convertible that would need a tow. Our team drove out to the storage facility to load the convertible onto a flatbed trailer as it needed a tow. As they expected, they found a convertible that would need a tow. They expected that it needed to be moved to a local repair facility.   Indeed, the owner of the convertible.asked our Wrecker Service team to deliver the convertible to a local repair shop. When the Wrecker Service team looked at the convertible, they found a vehicle with whose tires needed to be inflated, its oil changed and some other repairs.  The Wrecker Service team positioned the tow truck in front of the convertible as it needed a tow. The Wrecker Service team then pulled the towing cables out of the base of the towing truck.  They then drove the convertible carefully up the ramp of the tow truck. First, the front tires hit the ramp. Then the back tires hit the ramp of the tow truck. Next, the Wrecker Service team detached the cable that they had used to be sure the car was secure. The Wrecker Service team then used secure towing chains to the front left tire. Next, the Wrecker Service team secured the right front tire. Then, the back right tire and then the back left tire were secured with towing chains. Next, the Wrecker Service team drove the convertible to the repair shop.  They entered the convertibler and started it. They then fired up the ignition and they then backed out the convertible from the tow truck. From there they drove it and parked it near the repair show bay. When they were done, the convertible would no longer need a tow.