Balance in life even applies to a heavy duty towing service.

A big rig, traveling in Pontiac, took a sudden turn on highway 75 and found itself out of balance and unable to continue. A local factory, anxiously expecting parts, was forced to wait.

The semi-truck took a sudden turn to the right, and the cargo inside its trailer shifted dramatically. Things were bound to get out of balance because the cargo hadn’t been fastened down securing the load.

Byers heavy-duty towing was called in to re-balance the load. Check out the pictures below showing how Byers slipped a rotator between the trailer’s walls and under the aluminum roof. In just a few minutes, the load was re-centered.

By the way, it was reported that the factory didn’t miss a beat and manufacturing schedules were met.

Details of Heavy Duty Towing Service Pontiac

A semi driver called for a heavy duty towing service. A Byers driver arrived within the hour. After assessing the situation, it was obvious that a standard flatbed tow truck wasn’t enough. The semi wasn’t safe to drive due to the imbalance.

The semi’s weight was dangerously out of alignment because the unsecured load shifted to the right of the trailer. The logistics crew that loaded the semi hadn’t bothered to fasten and secure the contents. After a sudden turn, the load had moved. The trailer dipped nearly two feet down on one side. Undue stress and pressure were put on the suspension as well as the right-side tires. The semi couldn’t be driven. A heavy duty towing service was needed.

It was decided that a rotator was necessary to move the load inside the semi. It was far too heavy to move by hand. When the rotator finally arrived, it was backed in to neatly fit between the semi’s two walls and ceiling. The Byers heavy duty towing service driver threaded the needle into the trailer. The load was attached to the rotator lift which raised and suspended the contents. The tow truck driver then guided the load back to the center of the semi, restoring balance. He then lowered the load down and fastened it to the floor of the big rig, properly securing the parts ready to complete the scheduled delivery to the factory.