Winter is Coming with Heavy Towing in Clarkston


We took a Zamboni through Clarkston for heavy towing last week and which made us think of a question you might have asked yourself. Have you ever gone to an ice rink and wondered  to yourself, “How did that big Zamboni get here in the first place?”

Well, it got there with the help of your local towing company.   Byers Wreckers was were contacted to move the Zamboni from one ice rink to another ice rink here in the Clarkston area.  We used a landoll trailer to move it through the city streets of Clarkston and the surrounding area and we took it down I75 and used Exit 91 to M-15 and Clarkston and Davison.   Good job to the Byers Team for getting an image of the Zamboni on the back of the trailer


Heavy Towing Clarkston with a Zamboni on the back of a trailer

Heavy Towing Clarkston with a Zamboni on the back of a trailer

Details of Heavy Towing Clarkston

Byers Wrecker received a call to move a Zamboni in the Independence Township and Clarkston area. Our heavy towing Clarkston team arrived at the first ice rink.  The heavy towing Clarkston team then drove the Zamboni onto the Landoll trailer. First, the front of the Zamboni drove up the ramp and onto the flatbed trailer.  Then the back wheels of the Zamboni drove onto the flatbed trailer. The team drove then attached the front frame of the Zamboni to the flatbed. Then then attached the back frame of the Zamboni to the flatbed. The team then took the Zamboni on the I75. They took Exit 89 on I-75 to M15 and Holcomb Road to Clarkston.  Clarkston is south of Interstate 75. Highway 15 runs north and south through Clarkston. Just south of Clarkston is US Highway 24 or US 24 or Highway 24.

When the heavy towing clarkston team arrived at the second ice rink they backed the trailer close to the door. The heavy towing Clarkston team then detached the towing chains from the front of the Zamboni. They then detached the rear frame of the Zamboni.  A heavy towing team member then backed the Zamboni down the ramp of the trailer. First, the rear tires touch the asphalt. Next, the front tires reached the asphalt. A heavy towing Clarkston team member then drove the Zamboni into the ice rink.

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