Heavy Duty Towing Services

Our Heavy Duty Towing Services are the most respected and sought after in the area. There is a reason that 23 out of 25 local police and fire departments have chosen to work with Byers. We are highly skilled at large, complex recovery projects including heavy duty towing for semi’s, big rigs, farm equipment, construction equipment and more.

Our staff is trained in every operational detail of heavy towing and vehicle recovery. So give us a call if you need a hand. Our knowledgable dispatchers will talk you through the job and pair you up with an experienced team of Wreckermaster certified operators to get it done right.

How We Handle Semi Truck Towing and Big Rig Towing

Every heavy duty towing job has unique challenges. We map out every job in advance including logistics, necessary technical experience, equipment, and any parts and resources required to get the job done. We are prepared for any tow and recovery call from semi truck towing or other big rig tows to managing and load shifting cargo or tractor swaps.

At Byers Wrecker, we operate with urgency to get you back on the road quickly, safely and in the most cost-effective manner. We will send a heavy duty tow truck to bring your truck back safely, and we will tow one of your functional tractors to your driver, swap out the disabled power unit, and bring the broken tractor home to the repair facility. When you need fast, dependable heavy duty wrecker service, call Byer Wreckers.

Most towing companies don’t have the resources or experience to provide their customers with the industry-leading performance of Byers Wreckers. We understand your business challenges and the importance of keeping your fleet fully operational, and we’ll act fast to keep your hard-working outfit running at full capacity.

The team at Byers Wrecker has the training, experience and know-how to handle every challenging semi-truck and big-rig tow situation.

Off-Road Recovery

When it comes to off-road recovery, Byers Wrecker is always ready with the experience and equipment to handle the job. Perhaps you need a rotator to lift your 4×4 from a swampy area. Maybe you need airbags to lift your big rig out of a deep ravine. Byers Wrecker will get your vehicle upright and back on the road with skill and precision. Perhaps your RV or big rig requires a true heavy-duty tow vehicle with an extended wheelbase, or requires winches and cables or a maximum towing capacity wrecker. Byers can handle the job.

Byers Wrecker adheres to clear safety guidelines. We are procedural, thorough and fast. It doesn’t matter if your RV is upside down or your bus has managed to get stuck on a dirt road. We have the skills and know-how to methodically extract your vehicle. We’ll keep traffic moving while we re-balance a trailer load before we go in for the lift. And we’ll listen to what you need to get it done right.

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Byers Wrecker specializes in off-road recovery

Off-road recovery is one of our specialties. We’ve trained our technicians for almost every off-road recovery situation, including water retrieval and burned-out vehicles, and we offer “stuck in the mud” hook-and-drop and winching services. We also can recover nearly every type of vehicle that may get stuck off road, including:

  • Water retrieval
  • Hook and Drop (vehicle stuck in the mud)
  • Burnt vehicle recovery
  • Quads
  • Dirt bikes
  • Jeeps and SUVs
  • Winching services
  • Off-road towing
  • Motorcycles
  • Trucks

Off-road recovery requires specific skills and expertise that exceed those of average tow companies. With state-of-the-art trucks, rotators and wreckers combined with a team of experienced drivers, Byers Wrecker has the capacity to haul your truck or SUV out when needed. Call us now to learn more.

Looking for a Commercial Towing Service

Byers Wrecker provides commercial towing services for all kinds of businesses. Local police and fire departments have us on speed dial, and we also work with local car dealerships, repair shops, restaurants, department stores, apartment complexes and commercial property owners. We take pride in working with our partners to provide reliable commercial towing services throughout Michigan. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you solve any commercial towing problem you may have.

Motor Home Towing & RV Towing

Another key part of our Heavy Duty Towing services is our ability to move motor homes, campers and RVs. Byers Wrecker has all the equipment and expertise needed to safely transport you, your loved ones and you big recreational rig in a reliable and efficient manner.

Call Us For A Truck Jump Start

Battery dead on your truck, big rig, bus, camper or semi? Give us a call and we will dispatch a service vehicle right away to get you up and running.. Call us for a truck jump start now.

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Towing Recovery

The towing recovery process for any car or truck requires expertise beyond putting a car on a flatbed and rolling away. Byers’ fleet is a sophisticated mix of heavy duty towing equipment that can hoist, pull and push a car or truck any which way. It doesn’t matter if the car is submerged 20 feet deep in the water, over the edge of a deep ravine or simply sitting in a ditch on the side of the road. Byers Wreckers has the knowledge to handle any complex heavy duty towing situation.

Construction Equipment Towing

Heavy duty tow truck operations can be logistically complex. We will work with you to deliver construction equipment to fit your schedule. Our team can handle backhoe hauling, bulldozer shipping, dump truck transports, excavator hauling, forklift shipping, oversize transports and more. Our towing technicians are Wreckmaster certified to transport any type of construction equipment. When your backhoe needs to be hauled or your bulldozer needs to be shipped, Byers Wreckers is ready to get the job done.

Motor Home Towing & RV Towing

Another key part of of our Heavy Duty Towing Services is our ability to move motor homes, camper and RV’s. Byers Wrecker has all the expertise and the equipment to move you and your loved ones in an reliable and efficient manner.

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