Heavy Duty Towing in Auburn Hills, MI

Ever seen a kid take a fast corner on a tricycle.  That’s exactly what happened on University and I-75 in Auburn Hills this past Thursday, April 26th at 2 pm and needed heavy duty towing.

A Freightliner took the I75 ramp in Auburn Hills running fast and hot. And just like a small kid on a tricycle the semi-truck rolled gracefully and ended up on its side next to the ramp.

The five-man, towing team at Byers on the scene were told by the driver that the truck was loaded down with 12,000 pounds of urethane dashboard parts. After Byers rigged the semi up and began to lift it, they immediately knew something wasn’t right.

That’s when the driver had an aha moment. It turns out the semi-truck was actually carrying 38,000 pounds, which was 3 times the reported weight. The Byers team had to rethink their strategy.

They needed a new approach that would allow them to upright the semi with that size of a load without compromising the trailer any further. The heavy duty towing team decided to use airbags to shift the semi’s center of gravity up, and then use a rotator to shift the semi-upright. Five airbags were used to evenly distribute the weight and an air compressor pumped about 5 pounds of air into each bag. The Byers team managed to work around traffic that continued to drive around the towing operators

The airbags lifted the truck and the truck continued on its way to the Chrysler plant. The entire lift only took 90 minutes, which meant the Auburn Hills evening commute didn’t face a single delay.

Heavy Duty Towing Details for University and I75, Semi Rollover in Auburn Hills, Michigan

A Freightliner Cascadia (believed to have a 12,000-ton payload) rolled on University and I75 on April 26th at 2:00 pm. Two police officers arrived on the scene. Five Byers tow truck operators arrived on the scene. Byers assessed the situation. They determined with the information provided by the semi’s driver that straps would be enough to lift the semi with a 12,000 pound load. They Byers, heavy duty towing team attempted the lift. As soon as they began they knew something wasn’t right. That’s when it was brought to the team’s attention that it was actually loaded with 38,000 pounds. This makes a big difference when it comes to determining what type of recovery is required. Byers regrouped and used low-pressure lift bags. They placed 5 low-pressure lift bags under the trailer. The bags were inflated to 5 pounds of pressure to lift the trailer to an approximate 30-degree angle. Using the rotator, the Byers team pulled the trailer the rest of the way upright. The lift used the following equipment: 1140 rotator, Triaxle 9055 recovery unit, traffic control unit, airbag cushions and a retired firetruck unit that is now used as Byers’ heavy duty recovery response vehicle.

Semi truck getting ready to be uprighted in in Auburn Hills, towing

Semi on side after rollover

Heavy Duty Towing Preparation in Auburn Hills, Michigan

Semi truck on side after rollover. This is when the Byers team assessed the situation.

Heavy Duty Towing bags in action in Auburn Hills, MI

Bags pushing the semi up