Texting & Driving Leads to Tow Truck & Crying

Want to avoid a tow truck near Clarkston, then don’t text and drive.  One unlucky individual near Clarkston, MI forgot this fact and almost drove up a tree.  He wasn’t looking at the road…and as you can see his car almost ate a tree. He simply took his eyes off the road for a few seconds to get to a text. In that few seconds, he lost control of his car.

Texting and driving reduce reaction time. It’s much easier to get into an accident. Get off your phone and pay attention, unless you want to be like the poor sap that gets to tell everyone he parked in a tree because of a text message. Stay safe out on the roads to protect yourself and others.

Car in tree tow truck Clarkston

Car in tree tow truck Clarkston

Just before tow truck clarkston needed

Just before tow truck clarkston needed

Details of Our Tow Truck Clarkston Call

Our tow truck company responded to the call near Clarkston about a texting and driving accident. The driver had turned a tree into a parking spot after deciding a text message was more important than paying attention to the road. These things never end well, but luckily, no one was severely injured during this accident.
In that few seconds he was distracted, he headed off the road and straight into a tree. If that wasn’t bad enough, the whiplash from the first tree sent his driving up and essentially parking on the side of a tree.

Our tow truck company promptly responded to the call with our flatbed tow truck.  He approached the vehicle and backed up the flatbed. After putting the truck into park, the tow truck operator extracted the winch and fastened it to the body over the vehicle stuck in the tree. Slowly moving one foot up, nothing happened. Our tow truck operator slowly moved the tow truck flatbed up two feet and the car came down suddenly with a jolt. He then winched the car up on the left side and the right side to secure it for transport to our tow yard.

The few seconds your eyes are off the road drastically reduces any reaction time.
When your reaction time is reduced from texting, it’s easier to get into an accident. The text that was so important is now going to cost quite a bit in tow truck fees, tickets, and points.  Also, a tree is no substitute for a paved parking spot. Our tow truck company has seen it all, from the simplest tows to devastating accidents.   Don’t think texting and driving is cool.



The above marketing copy and photo images are not an accurate account of the facts of this tow or recovery. The marketing copy and photo images are a marketing description created for marketing purposes only and do not replace an actual detailed, legal description accompanied by verified images that serve as testimony of the actual events that occurred during this tow or recovery.

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