Picked up this El Camino Ranchero: Tow for Classic Car

When get a call to give a tow for a classic car, its always super fun.  Last week we picked up and helped transport this old El Camino Ranchero.  The gentleman who hired us was helping his son who had just bought the car.  We were just glad we had a chance to take a few pictures and spend some time with it

We did take some extra care with it. The old classic cars usually get a little extra love. We went super slow and had a lot of fun.


Classic Car Towing on Flatbed

Classic Car Towing on Flatbed


Details of Tow for Classic Car

Byers Wrecker was contacted to tow a classic car.  When we arrived we found an El Camino, Ranchero and we also got the backstory. The owner of the class car had passed.  The new owner had reached out to Byers to tow this classic car.  To tow a classic car we must use more care. First, you must consider the clearance on the classic car as many of the older cars were built closer to the ground. Second, you must be sure to hook onto the right part of the classic car for towing.  This means hooking onto the structure of the classic car and not the unibody. We arrived in this situation to find that the El Camino had enough clearance to be driven up with the flatbed extensions.  Carefully, to prepare to tow the classic car, the Byers towing operator released the flatbed extension on the left and the right side. Next, they winched up the El Camino, backwards, where the nose of the car was facing out.   First, the back tires hit the flatbed. Next, the back tires hit the flatbed.  The towing operator took special care not to damage the body.  When they were finished, the towing operator took time to take a few pictures for he towed the classic car to its new owner. Next, he towed the classic car to the owner’s home in Auburn Hills.  When we arrived at the destination our towing operator removed the chains and straps holding the classic car in place. To prepare to release the classic car that we had just towed, we lowered the flatbed extensions on the left and the right.  Next, we released the parking brake and slowly allowed the El Camino to backdown the flatbed.  Next, the owner started the classic car up and we said goodbye.

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