Blind Backup leads to Towing in Pontiac

A car stuck on a narrow driveway required towing in Pontiac. Ever pull into an elevated, curved, narrow driveway and then have to drive your car blindly in reverse to get out? It is a difficult task. Last week, a 2008 Dodge Charger blindly reversed out of a driveway too quickly, balanced along the retaining wall, and ended up on three wheels, with one tire hanging off the edge. Byers Wrecker Service was called in to the rescue.

To elevate the Dodge Charger and not damage the undercarriage of the car, the tow-truck driver needed to bring the car up and off the embankment. He couldn’t just hook up and go. He needed to find an alternative technique, and decided to put wood under the car and extend it out to the tire. The tire would then grip the wood and drive right ou

t. With the wood in place, he carefully winched the car out. The Charger was undamaged and Byers Wrecker achieved success towing in Pontiac once again.

Backup Disaster2 averted towing in Pontiac

Backup Disaster2 averted towing in Pontiac

Backup Disaster averted towing in

Backup-Disaster1 averted-towing in Pontiac

Details of Towing in Pontiac

An emergency call came in to help a Dodge Charger that needed towing in Pontiac. The tow truck driver arrived to assess the situation. He found a 2008 Dodge Charger hanging over an embankment on a curved driveway. One wheel was hanging off a retaining wall. The other three wheels were planted firmly on the driveway. It was a narrow driveway without a lot of room to maneuver.

The tow truck driver realized he couldn’t pull the Dodge Charger out undamaged without a plan. Using an old towing technique, the driver found some wood to put under the wheel. He planned to extend the wood and use it as a fulcrum.

The driver extended the wood out to the wheel of the car. Slowly he inched the car up while the wood provided the stability he needed to elevate the car. It was a slow process, but in less than 20 minutes, the car was on four wheels again. The driver happily drove away in an undamaged car.