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Heavy Duty Towing on Highway 69

Excavator near Lapper needing heavy duty tow truck
Heavy Duty Tow Truck Assistance In order to avoid needing a heavy duty tow truck, there are a few basic rules in life - keep your gas tank full on and keep your head down. The driver of a semi truck ignored the second rule and took the Lapper overpass at full speed, jamming the...
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Towing Company Recovery Near I75

How Towing Company Could Have Fed 9,000 Cats A truck carrying milk overturned on an exit ramp off I75 in Auburn Hills and needed a heavy duty towing company. Milk flowed freely and could have fed 9,000 cats. The local towing company, Byers Wrecker was called into right the overturned truck and clean up the mess.  Instead of using...
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Roadside Assistance – 6 Cars

Roadside Assistance Semi-on Cars
Runway Semi Onslaught Requires Roadside Assistance for 6 Cars For 6 motorists, roadside assistance and towing services were needed last Monday, June 3rd, at 8:30 am in Rochester Hills on M-59. A semi barreled into 6 cars. Steel and glass were everywhere. It was rumored that the semi driver was asleep at the wheel. TV...
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Heavy Duty Towing Service

Balance in life even applies to a heavy duty towing service. A big rig, traveling in Pontiac, took a sudden turn on highway 75 and found itself out of balance and unable to continue. A local factory, anxiously expecting parts, was forced to wait. The semi-truck took a sudden turn to the right, and the...
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Towing in Pontiac

Backup Disaster2 averted towing in Pontiac
Blind Backup leads to Towing in Pontiac A car stuck on a narrow driveway required towing in Pontiac. Ever pull into an elevated, curved, narrow driveway and then have to drive your car blindly in reverse to get out? It is a difficult task. Last week, a 2008 Dodge Charger blindly reversed out of a...
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Car Towing in Action

Crazy Car Towing from Byers Maybe the car had a running start. Maybe someone dared the driver to make a sudden stop in front of the fire hydrant. Or maybe the Chevy was attracted to the fire hydrant. It is mating season after all. Who knows what happened to the Chevrolet Equinox that ran atop...
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Semi Comes in Hot – Needs Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing Effort in Auburn Hills Michigan
Heavy Duty Towing in Auburn Hills, MI Ever seen a kid take a fast corner on a tricycle.  That’s exactly what happened on University and I-75 in Auburn Hills this past Thursday, April 26th at 2 pm and needed heavy duty towing. A Freightliner took the I75 ramp in Auburn Hills running fast and hot....
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